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The processed fruit and vegetables sector is a true European sector. Most of the products are grown on European fields. The sector provides employment to more than 200.000 people in Europe.

General: PROFEL

The European Association of Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industries represents over 500 companies in 11 EU countries that produce:

  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Dehydrated vegetables
  • Canned deciduous fruit and compotes
  • Jams and fruit spreads
  • Frozen fruit

Key data:

PROFEL’s companies annually produce approximately:

  • 3,300,000 Tonnes of Frozen vegetables
  • 2,100,000 Tonnes of Canned vegetables
  • 1,000,000 Tonnes of Canned Deciduous Fruit and compotes
  • 485,000 Tonnes Jams/Fruit preserves
  • 50,000 Tonnes Dehydrated vegetables


The processed fruit and vegetables market in the EU continues to grow. In general, the industry represents an average of 6% of the total food processing industry in Europe. Total European exports of processed fruit and vegetables amount to approximately €26 billion. This figure is even greater when intra-EU trade is included as processed fruit and vegetable trade flows are generally oriented to the internal market. Nevertheless, the sector boasts strong external trade figures. In 2014, the five leading export destinations outside the EU were the USA, Russia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Australia. The most important destinations in developing countries were the BRIC countries, as well as Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, Vietnam, Mexico and Thailand. The EU is currently a world leader in processed fruit and vegetable exports. European processed fruit and vegetable imports have increased 5% since 2010 and reached a peak of €37 billion in 2014.

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